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At The Hive, we offer different levels of phone support for different sizes of projects. Included in your engagement with TheHive Agency, you will receive the following levels of phone support:

For projects under $500, only paid support available.
For projects between $500 – $1,500, 30 minutes of phone support.
For projects between $1,500 – $2,000, one hour of phone support.
For projects between $2,000 – $5,000, two hours of phone support.
For projects between $5,000 – $10,000, four hours of phone support.
For projects above $10,000, five hours of phone support.

The phone support allocated is available to you during the time frame that your project is active as a work in progress. If you work with TheHive on an ongoing monthly basis, the available time resets every month, without roll-overs.
*Phone call logs are available upon request.

To ensure that you make good use of your allocated phone support time, we encourage you to follow these protocols:

1. Schedule your timeslot ahead of time and share the relevant and direct contact details.

2. Start and end at the agreed timeframe.

* Please keep in mind that given the complexity of the task, it is not possible to both, receive instructions on the phone and work on websites simultaneously.

** We do not provide technical support over the phone, nor we engage in screen shares or computer take overs in order to achieve a task.

*** If the goal of the call is to go over specific website items, be it at the outset or at the time of revisions, keep in mind that these need to be submitted separately, clearly and in writing, for them to be referenced at the time when the requests will be executed. As they cannot be recalled out of conversational memory days after the call.