How do I know if TheHive is Right for me?

Small business consulting will bring you substantial benefits if one or more of these statements apply to your venture:

  • You know what it takes, but feel you are not using every resource that is or should be available
  • You are not 100% confident that you are on the right track
  • You are not advancing quickly enough to narrow the gap between where you are and where you want to be
  • You want to:
    • Try out new business visions and strategies
    • Develop an action plan for achieving professional and business goals
    • Learn feasible ways to apply modern technology, in order to minimize expenses and personal hours spent developing your business.

Why Business Owners Turn to TheHive?

TheHive helps business owners identify the barriers to business success and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Authentic change unfolds in a safe environment with minimal time and risk invested.

  • You are micromanaging and dealing with issues you wish you didn’t have to
  • You want to be up-to-date with the new technology and business tools available for your type of business
  • Your business has not come to par with the huge changes within your industry
  • You are interested in or are in the process of shifting to new technologies, products, markets.

Not Sure Where to Begin? The best place is with our Free Consultation

Here are some examples of recent projects we did for Latin American small businesses:

  • Software/system assessment and new technology implementation
  • Marketing strategy and company messaging
  • Company Web site and it’s Visual language
  • Industry websites/blogs/publications
  • Digital Marketing efforts and lead generation campaigns

Recommended Reading List

On-going reading and personal education are an important component of business success. Click on this link to see some of our favorite books